Our partners

X Architecture goes out of the box and is happy and to explore exiting areas above and beyond with the help of our associates.

X Architecture extroverts and team up with people able to share our vision and support our potential clients and their projects holistically.


Having thorough knowledge in real estate consulting, acquisitions and development we now form an integrated real estate platform enabling us to aim and achieve nothing but pure success.


Alex Michalas

 Potential Real Estate Development  


Alex Michalas, was born in Athens in 1979 and is a certified real estate broker in Greece. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Leisure Management and in Marketing from the University of Alberta in Canada (2001).

He has worked in the private sector for Elgeka Logistics and in 2007 he founded Potential Real Estate Solutions. The company has a wide range of services including real estate brokerage, real estate consulting, real estate management and real estate investment potential.

A real enthusiast for real estate projects, he brings his passion and knowledge in the field combined with hard work aiming only for the top. Optimistic with objectivity and measured results he has managed to expand his firm and take it a lot further exploring new areas and facing new challenges. His work ethic and his relentless passion for excellence are the things that drive him the most.

Nikolaos Papadopoulos

 DVLP Construction & Development 


Nikolas founded the practice in 2018, in order to establish a differentiated approach to the design of old apartments and buildings. A true real estate and overall business enthusiast he believes that at some point a city must stop consuming land and start renewing communities as the quality of our surroundings affects the quality of our lives. Driven by his passion for innovation and excellence he has taken part in many technological and Architectural conferences with social environmental and economic background. He studied Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Newcastle University until 2008, and his MBA from Imperial College in 2009 in London.

Georgia Drakopoulou



Georgia has been a certified real estate broker for many years in the city of Athens. She is the heart of AthensHomes, her real estate agency providing tailor made services to its clients. Georgia’s expertise and great experience includes the area of sales (her sales background involves not just real estate but also weapon defensive systems) and the area of education (her general academic background). All of those create a personality that approaches her company’s business tasks with respect, enthusiasm and top professionalism level. Having the privilege of many exclusive assets in Athens is another proof of the confidence and the greater trust her clients are showing to her and her abilities.


Michalis Petsas



Mike is the founder and owner of CorfuHomes and the inspiration behind AthensHomes. He has tremendous real estate experience and great expertise for the island of Corfu where he has been operating his business for almost 20 years. An Athenian heritage himself with studies in the UK in the music industry create a persona that is artistic with excellent taste and a true overall perfectionist. He discovered his passion in real estate and started working in Athens for Kanakidis Real estate firm focusing and dealing mainly with commercial properties and VIP clientele. His proactive and tireless overall approach placed him in Corfu where he selected to start CorfuHomes back in the early 2000’s and since then he is considered one of the key players of real estate on the island.

Antonis Gavalas

 Gavalas Ioanidou Architects 

Antonis is a civil engineer from the University of Patras (UP) with great experience in the construction filed. Having his own business for more than 10 years he has a wide range of projects in Greece and mainly Athens. A realist himself with great attention to detail he manages to create timeless high quality projects taking into consideration his customers’ needs and desires.

Konstantinos Pipilios


Kostas is the owner and founder of Hydron S.A. and he is the epitome of a self-made success story. It is what hard work with a vision and careful risk taking really mean. His academic background in philosophy enriches his personality and it can be safely said that he is the type of guy who motivates and sets objective goals that take his people and his company steps above and beyond. He has excessive experience in the field of constructions and overall project management. His professionalism and overall attitude has enabled his company to expand and operate not just in Greece but also abroad.


Andreas Bartels

 Harmonic Sequence Constructions 


Andreas is the founder of Harmonic Sequence Constructions (HSC). The firm operates on the island of Corfu, with an impressive portfolio of luxury villas that have been built to high standards and with meticulous attention to detail and an eco-friendly focus. With an experience in landscaping that spanned over two decades, Andreas rose to become one of the top freelancers in landscape architecture in Athens. This experience has influenced the “green”, earthy approach that is prevalent in his work. Andreas is a romantic realist with one goal: to create projects that coexist harmonically with Corfu’s lush flora and natural environment.

Spyros Toyas

 Santabourne & Partners 

Spyros has an extensive experience in the area of funding, structured finance (bonds, syndicated loans, ECA financing), project finance, and private banking. He is the founder and managing director of Phaeax Capital Ltd, a fund that invests in the post crisis Greek economy, and the managing partner of Santabourne & Partners a consulting firm covering different principles with a focus on financial products.

He holds professional qualifications from the capital markets commission and the central bank of Greece and Romania.